REVIEW: Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips

This was a product that I had been waiting to try for a very long time. it’s the Ultra Matte Lips by Colourpop! I was encouraged to purchase these due to the constant praise I heard from fellow makeup enthusiasts and it made me very curious. Are they really as good as people say? I purchased these from the Colourpop website, each liquid lipstick being approximately AUD$8, a price that I found very hard to resist. However, I did end up paying around AUD$25 for shipping as I also purchased other various products which I will be reviewing in the future.

These are the three liquid lipsticks I had chosen:


From left to right: ScroogeCreeperBumble.

Description: This thin and lightweight formula glides onto the lips leaving SUPER intense colour with a bold, ultra matte finish. It’s very long wearing and completely kiss proof!

Scrooge: You’ll wanna build a snowman while wearing this rich rosy pink.

Creeper: Keep it real in this true classic blue red.

Bumble: Everyone will be bee buzzing when you wear this dusty warm terracotta.


From left to right: Creeper, Bumble, Scrooge.

Application tips: Make sure your lips are bare, dry, and exfoliated for the smoothest finish. Apply a matching lip pencil for a precise and perfected application. Next, apply Ultra Matte Lip with the applicator or your favourite lip brush.



From top to bottom: Scrooge, Bumble, Creeper.

This liquid lipstick claims to be “very long wearing and completely kiss proof”. I highly agree with this statement in terms of its longevity, however I am unable to give an opinion on the latter as I had never used this lipstick during those situations. Although it does give a lovely matte finish with a great lasting power for at least 7 hours, it does leave your lips feeling VERY dry, which is one of my main issues with it. It does a good job of maintaining it’s position on your lips during meals, with only a small amount of transfer when eating oily foods, and from my personal experience, these are the only times that I require a touch up in which becomes a difficult process as piling on layers of liquid lipstick just feels too dry and tends to make the look lips flaky.

I highly recommend this for those who are looking for a good quality matte liquid lipstick for an affordable price. However, if your one who tends to have issues with dry lips, I suggest you take a rain check on these.


  • Long lasting
  • Inexpensive
  • Wide range of colours


  • Very drying
  • Logo easily fades
  • Expensive shipping
  • Shipping is limited to certain countries


Overall rating: 4/5



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