REVIEW: THEFACESHOP White Seed Brightening Serum

Hello everybody! I’m back again with another review of yet another Korean skincare product and it is THEFACESHOP’s Brightening Serum from their White Seed line. Unfortunately, I’m not 100% what the price is as this was given to me by my brother.


Description: “This smooth, brightening serum effectively penetrates into skin, giving it a boost of radiance and brightness”

It is said that this product contains brightening ingredients such as ‘White Lupin Seed’, which contains a natural brightening substance and ‘White Daisy Flower’ extract, which helps reducing dullness.

Size: 50ml

I was pretty excited to try this considering this was one of the first few skincare facial products I have ever tried from THEFACESHOP. I really like the sleek pearl kind of packaging. It makes the product look more high end. Although, I wished it was possible to see inside so that i’m able to know how much is left for use.



The texture of this product feels very light and milky which is quite different from other serums I have tried which usually have a very thin and runny consistency. It also comes with a very, very lovely scent which smells a little like flowers. It absorbs quite nicely on the skin and leaves it with a nice, bright, glow without leaving any stickiness behind. Overall, i’d say I really like and enjoy using this product and I hope to try the other products from the White Seed line.


  • Absorbs nicely onto the skin
  • Nice smell
  • Attractive packaging
  • Generous amount of product


  • Unable to see how much product is inside.


Overall rating: 4.5/5


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