REVIEW: Tony Moly Aquaporin Moisture Cream

During my sheet mask haul, I received various samples including Tony Moly’s Aquaporin Moisture Cream.


This moisture cream is part of Tony Moly’s Aquaporin line with its main feature being intensive hydrating skincare that is said to deliver moisture to the deepest areas under the skin through water channels.


The size of this sample is fairly generous with 30ml worth of product inside. Unfortunately, I am unable to find the ingredients list online so I am not too sure of what exactly is in this.

This product claims to last for 24 hours long and absorb very quickly. I can say for sure that this does absorb quite fast, however as for its duration, I have to disagree as I don’t feel its effects for 24 hours long.

The cream has a very lightweight, gel-like consistency which feels very nice and smooth on the skin. It also doesn’t have much of  a scent which is good for those who are particular with certain smells. I think this cream does an okay job at moisturising my face, however I feel that it isn’t moisturising enough for my liking. For me personally, it also doesn’t last for the whole 24 hours. I actually think the moisturising effect on this is short lived.


  • No scent
  • Lightweight


  • Not moisturising enough
  • Only moisturises for a short period of time

Overall rating: 2.5/5


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