REVIEW: Dr.Click Aqua Hyaluronic Mask

I am back again to review another Korean sheet mask, one from a brand i’m not familiar with which goes by the name of Dr.Click. I purchased a box of their Aqua Hyaluronic Mask which was recommended to me by the lady in the store as it is supposedly really good for moisturising as well as brightening.


This box contains 10 separate sheet masks and cost me around $35 in total. For me personally, there isn’t much to say about the packaging. It looks quite medical and the blue shade gives off a nice cooling effect.

What really interested me about this mask was the 2 steps required prior to the application of the sheet mask itself. It comes with a cleanser and an ampoule. The former being the very first step.


I can say i’m not too much of a fan of the cleanser as it is really hard to massage onto the face and sticks to the skin even with water applied.

The ampoule is nice, light and moisturising and absorbs easily, however I feel that there is too much inside one sachet for just one use so I like to just use about half and save the rest for later.

The sheet mask itself is a standard cotton mask. It feels very cooling on the skin and I love using it during these really hot summer days in Sydney. It also soothes the skin which is nice if your skin is feeling any irritation whatsoever.

I didn’t think much of this sheet mask, however it really did leave a huge effect on my skin the morning after. I woke up with very bright and fresh looking skin even with only a few hours sleep. It was still smooth and soft to the touch and I was quite amazed with the effects. I highly recommend this mask!


  • Cooling
  • Brightens and softens the skin very nicely
  • Comes with cleanser and ampoule


  • Cleanser doesn’t massage well onto the face


Overall rating: 4/5


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