REVIEW: Dr.Plus+ Multi Effect Hydrogel Mask

I have tried many different kinds of cotton sheet masks, however this was my first time ever trying a hydrogel mask. Here I have the Multi Effect Hydrogel Mask by Dr.Plus+, a brand I had never heard of before. I was very curious about this mask as I had no idea what I would be expecting.

Price: AUD $35


I purchased this in a pack of 15 which was generous given that most packs come in 10’s. There isn’t much to say about the packaging as it’s quite simple.

After using this mask, I can say that hydrogel masks are made of a much more slick material which feels slimy when applied. Hydrogel masks are also recommended to be used for 20-30 mins as opposed to the usual 10-15 mins.


The very first time I applied this mask, I had so much trouble as I wasn’t expecting such a slippery mask. It slid all over my hands and easily tore. Over time, I learned to apply this mask with ease and with no trouble at all.

I feel that hydrogel masks adhere to the skin much better than regular cotton sheet masks. It feels very cooling on the skin and after removal, my skin is left feeling very soft and smooth to the touch. I wish to try other hydrogel masks in the future and I do hope others are much easier to apply.


  • Sticks to skin better than cotton sheet masks
  • Softens and smoothens skin


  • Very slippery
  • Requires a lot of time
  • Easily tears


Overall rating: 3/5


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