REVIEW: Clinique Take the Day Off Makeup Remover

I have only tried a few Clinique products in the past, all of them leaving me quite disappointed so my expectations for their other products weren’t too high. Today I will be reviewing their Take the Day off Makeup Remover. I received this as a gift from my cousin from America so I’m not too sure what the price of this product is.


This makeup remove is made just for the lids, lashes and lips. You may also purchase the full size of this if you are looking for something bigger.

Before using this product, you will need to shake it and it will start to foam. After which, I just pour some of the contents onto a cotton round and gently swipe it over my lips or eyes.

This bottle has a safety lid which prevents it from spilling inside your bag or cupboard.


This product has a smell that reminds me of nail polish remover which I’m really not a fan of as I feel it irritates my nose.

However, this product does a very good job at removing makeup in just one swipe. It even removes my Colourpop matte lips with no trouble as well as my waterproof mascara. What I don’t like the most is that when removing lip products, it leaves a very unappealing flavour on your lips which you can’t help but taste every time I use it. Despite this flaw, I quite like this product and will consider repurchasing this in the future.


  • Safety lid
  • Removes waterproof and liquid lipsticks very well


  • Unattractive smell
  • Disgusting taste


Overall rating: 3.5/5



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