REVIEW: Maybelline Nudes + Blushed Nudes

Among the many lovely presents I received on my birthday, my aunt gave me two eyeshadows from Maybelline, The Nudes and The Blushed Nudes. I have heard many good things about these two products so I was quite excited to try these out.

Price: AUD $25.95


The two palettes have 12 shades each. I really like how slim and light the packaging is which makes it very easy to travel with. In terms of shades, I think The Blushed Nudes would be my favourite out of the two. This is probably because I already own many palettes with shades similar to The Nudes.


The Nudes

The Nudes consists of mainly brown and gold shades. 7 of them are matte and 5 are shimmer. The colours provided are perfect for both everyday makeup and a dramatic look for a night out. I really like that these are so versatile and the fact that they suit all kinds of skin colours.

It comes with one sponge applicator as well.



The Nudes

I was very much surprised by how pigmented some of these shades are. There are a few that I think look great on the skin, particularly the ninth swatch. However, there are a few others that lack pigment which is quite disappointing and requires a little more work but it’s not the worst thing ever.


  • Certain colours are vibrant
  • Good for everyday makeup
  • Versatile
  • Suits all skin colours


  • Some shades lack pigment


Overall rating: 4/5


The Blushed Nudes


The Blushed Nudes

I really love these rosy tones as they are just perfect to wear during Spring and Summer. I find that these shades are very feminine and pretty. I have heard that this palette is actually a considered as a dupe for Urban Decay’s Naked 3 eyeshadow palette.

All of these shades are shimmery so if you are one who prefers the matte look, I wouldn’t recommend this. It also came with two sponge applicators.


The Blushed Nudes

The shades in The Blushed Nudes are more consistently pigmented. I really love the colours in this palette especially since I’m a fan of shimmer shades. For a long time, I have really wanted to purchase Urban Decay’s Naked 3 but after using this palette, I now no longer want it as the shades and pigment are almost exactly the same and for only a fraction of the price.


  • Pretty shades
  • Very pigmented
  • Dupe for Naked 3 palette
  • Light packaging
  • Inexpensive


  • None


Overall rating: 5/5


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