REVIEW: Deoproce Aloe Vera Oasis Night Cream

The product I am reviewing today is Deoproce‘s Aloe Vera Oasis night cream. This came in a box with a few other products for around AUD $39. I prefer to review products separately as I feel I go more in depth.

Prior to purchasing this, I didn’t know much about the brand except that it was from South Korea. I came into this not knowing what to expect.


The product comes in a very nice glass jar which just makes it feel a little more fancy. However, it is not great for travelling as it is very heavy but overall, i’m a fan of the simple green packaging.

One of my most favourite things about this product was how thick the cream was. I feel that some people might not like this as a lighter texture might feel less slimy on the face but I for one am a huge fan of thick night creams because I love the way it leaves my skin feeling highly moisturised and soft. I also wake up with very soft skin and it is not dry at all. I would definitely repurchase this given the chance and I highly recommend this!


  • Thick texture
  • Very moisturising
  • Nice packaging


  • Heavy packaging


Overall rating: 4/5


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