REVIEW: A’Pieu Fresh Mate Peat Mask – Pore Clearing

This was something I purchased on a whim in South Korea. I wasn’t looking for any product in particular but I just happened to be browsing in A’Pieu and I came across this. It was very cheap around 4000W I believe so I decided to just give this try, I mean I didn’t have anything to lose.

For those who aren’t familiar with A’Pieu, it is a South Korean cosmetics brand. This is as far as I know about the brand itself as there is no English website for me to browse. Although I have seen some beauty YouTubers talk about some of their cosmetics and they have quite a range of adorable looking makeup.


Firstly, this product is from their Fresh Mate Mask line which has 5 different masks including this one. Two out of the five, are wash of masks and the other three are sleeping masks. All masks have different functions such as pore clearing, peeling, calming, hydrating and nutrition. The one I am reviewing is the pore clearing.


The product comes in a simple grey squeeze tube. Judging by the other products A’pieu carries, the packaging on this is quite simple and mediocre compared to the rest.

This product is said to be best for those with large pores and it is supposed to clear the pores and leave the skin feeling very smooth and soft. This is also made for all skin types. You just apply this onto freshly washed skin and and rinse after 10-15 minutes.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide the ingredients list as everything on the back is written in Korean as well as their website.


The texture of the mask is very thick and clay-like and it also kind of smells like clay too which I am not very fond of.

I have tried this product many, many times and I have to say that I am quite disappointed. This product leaves my skin feeling very dry and it does not soften it at all. For the pore clearing, I can’t really say much as I don’t have large pores and cannot tell the difference. Overall, this product makes very little difference to my face with the exception that it leaves it feeling more dry.


  • Inexpensive
  • Made to suit all skin types


  • Dries the skin
  • Has no effect
  • Smells like clay


Overall rating: 1/5



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