REVIEW: THEFACESHOP Blemish Zero Bubble Foam Cleanser


It is only now that I realised I have reviewed quite a selection of products from THEFACESHOP. If any of you are curious as to why, it is because my brother usually buys his skincare products from there and it is either passed on to me or I borrow them from time to time.

For today, I will be talking about their Blemish Zero Bubble Foam Cleanser. Unfortunately, as I was not the one who purchased this and due to the lack of information on their English website, I have no idea how much this is.


Key Claims:

  • Gentle on the skin
  • Cleanses deep within the pores
  • Removes the root of bacteria that creates skin trouble
  • Clears sebum that blocks old skin cells and pores

The cleanser is packaged in a 150ml pump bottle which is new for me as most cleansers I have used in the past are usually in a squeeze bottle. However, 150ml is quite a decent size.

This cleanser is said to maintain the skin’s pH and minimises irritation do to its “auto foaming” rub-free method. This cleanser also claims to work best for adults with acne skin.


Unfortunately, everything on the back of the product is written in Korean so I have no idea what it says. The product was also plastic wrapped and did not come with a box, so I am unaware of the ingredients list.

However the website states that this cleanser does not contain alcohol or oil and no animal ingredients.


My final thoughts on this cleanser leans more on the positive side. I found this cleanser to feel very light on the face and it is very easy to massage onto the skin. This left my skin feeling clean but not too squeaky clean like other cleansers, however I did find this to leave the skin feeling a little dry after drying much like most cleansers out there but it is not too bad. Nothing a little toner and moisturiser won’t fix. It also does not contain much of a smell which is good for those who are sensitive to scents.

Although I think this is a pretty good cleanser, I think i’d just stick to my Etude House cleanser.


  • Easy to massage
  • No scent
  • Light


  • A little drying


Overall rating: 3/5



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