REVIEW: M.A.C Prep+Prime Fix+

Surprise! For once I am not doing a review on a Korean product! Now, I wasn’t really into setting sprays or makeup sprays or whatever you’d like to call them even with all the hype surrounding them. However, one random day, I finally got curious about the M.A.C Prep+Prime Fix+ which has been constantly praised within the beauty community.

I purchased this at Myer for $32 AUD which I know isn’t exactly cheap but I couldn’t help myself.


Just a quick side note: This is NOT a setting spray! This most common misconception surrounding Fix+ is that it’s a setting spray. Fix+ is actually designed to “fix” your makeup by removing the powdery look and make you look more refreshed.

The product comes inside a 100ml spray bottle which is quite a decent size. I don’t know why but I find the sparkly box very pretty and it’s tempting to keep it but I hate hoarding things I don’t need. I think the frosted packaging of the bottle is also a nice touch.


“A soothing moisture mist that refreshes the skin and finishes makeup. Hold bottle 12″ away from face and spray evenly”

Although this was designed to be a face spray, this product is actually multi-functional! I will list some examples below.

  • Intensify eyeshadows – Spray some fix+ on an eyeshadow brush, dip your brush into an eyeshadow and pat it onto the lid. I mainly do this with shimmer shades due to their lack of pigment as compared to matte shades. A little Fix+ really help make the colours pop.
  • Remove the cakey, powdery look – I achieve this by spraying Fix+ on my face after I complete my makeup. I simply spray this evenly across my face and let it dry for a few minutes.
  • Create a dewy makeup look – Spray Fix+ on your face before applying makeup to get that very glowy, dewy look. Perfect for summer!
  • Thin out thick liquid products – Pump some foundation on the back of your hand and spray Fix+ on it and mix for a more sheer coverage. This also works well with thick concealers.
  • Hydrate your skin – Simply spray Fix+ on your face after a shower to hydrate your skin and lock in the moisture.
  • Apply loose pigments – Much like for the eyeshadow, just simply spray Fix+ on your brush and pick up the pigment and then apply it on to your lids. This really helps make the pigment last longer and appear more vibrant.
  • Revive old gel liners – Spray Fix+ into your gel liner pot and mix with a brush until you get that creamy consistency again.

The bottle actually contains a lock on the lid to keep it secure to avoid any mess or accidental sprays in your bag. The liquid inside sprays out into a very fine mist so theres no worry about this spray making your face overly wet.

I mainly use this as a finishing spray because it really helps add to the already dewy makeup on my face and it really does remove any powdery-ness on my face. As someone who’s always been a fan of the dewy look, this product has become a staple in my beauty routine and I can’t complete my makeup without using this. I very much recommend this product!


  • Multi-functional
  • Removes powdery look
  • Makes makeup appear more fresh


  • I have nothing negative to say about this!


Overall rating: 5/5




  1. Just bought this online today after your review! I’m going away soon for a vacation to hot country and I’m excited to use this product. Hopefully it will work great on me too! thanks for review


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