REVIEW: The Face Shop YEHWADAM Revitalising Eye Cream

I’m not really a frequent user of eye cream. I don’t know why, I’ve just never felt the need to use it. So I can say that I haven’t experimented with different eye creams. However, I recently did a review on the Water Bank Eye Gel by Laneige.


The Face Shop Yehwadam Revitalising Eye Cream

This eye cream belongs to the YEHWADAM line which focuses on anti-ageing and is inspired by traditional Korean beauty methods found in ancient books and teachings. Products from this line are made with natural Korean ingredients processed by traditional methods. This line however is one of The Face Shop’s more higher end lines so the products are quite expensive.

For those living in Sydney, you can purchase this eye cream at The Face Shop for $80 AUD for 25ml of product.


The Face Shop Yehwadam Revitalising Eye Cream

First of all, let’s just appreciate the beautiful packaging. The cream comes in a circular frosted glass jar that looks and feels very luxurious to the touch. As expected, the jar itself is quite heavy.


Top of the lid

I love the detailing of the lid. I really appreciate attractive packaging on skincare products.


The Face Shop Yehwadam Revitalising Eye Cream

When you remove the lid, you will find a plastic cap covering the cream which prevents the cream from moving around and making a mess underneath the lid. It also comes with a plastic spatula which is great as it is more hygienic.


Ingredients list

I’ve inserted a picture of the ingredients list above. After doing some research on the website, I was able to gather some information about the ingredients used and their purpose:

Safflower from Sancheong, Jiri Mountain: Improves skin tone and complexion.

Ginseng from Punggi: Re-energises skin with ginseng extract, which some say is the secret to younger looking skin.

Goji berry from Cheongyang: For radiant, glowing skin.


The Face Shop  Revitalising Eye Cream

I apply this cream using the plastic spatula to scoop out a pea sized amount of product and gently pat the cream under my eyes using my ring finger.

The consistency of this cream is quite thick and feels very hydrating. I really love how the cream feels on my skin. The moisturising effect lasts for a long time. It also works well at tackling the dark circles underneath the eyes. Although I can’t say it completely lightens it as much as a concealer would but the hydration it provides is amazing. I have always been more fond of thicker creams for the reasons above. Although the price is quite ridiculous, I really do love it and you get a high quality product with effective results.


  • Beautiful packaging
  • Very hydrating
  • Long term moisturising effects


  • Expensive

Overall rating: 5/5


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