REVEW: Aesop Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste

Aesop was one of those skincare stores that I have always seen everywhere but never actually went inside and browsed. For some reason I was just never interested in going inside until my brother, who is also a skincare junkie himself, decided to shop there.

I lost my Aesop virginity to this product and I was very curious about how it would affect my skin. First impressions with skincare brands leave quite an impact on me so I had very high hopes for this.


“Fine river-bed Quartz contained in a cream base sloughs away tired surface cells while Lactic Acid offers a mild chemical exfoliation to leave skin immaculately cleansed, soft and polished.”

This cream-based exfoliating formulation suits most skin types and also claims to polish, smooth and refine the skin.


The price for this is $55 AUD for 75ml worth of product which I personally feel is a little expensive for an exfoliator. I’m currently using my Skinfood Black Sugar exfoliator which is probably a holy grail product for me and it only costs around $8 AUD! For something around $55, I am expecting GREAT results.

I’m not really a fan of the type of packaging Aesop uses which feels kind of like a really strong foil. I’ve just always preferred a general plastic squeeze tube or tub. However, because of its foil-like packaging, it’s easier to get every bit of product out, leaving no waste.

Because this is an exfoliator, naturally I use this product after double cleansing my face.


So moving on to my final thoughts of this product. This product does soften and smooth out the skin BUT (yes there is a very big but here) the smell is way too suffocating for me. It smells like some sort of foreign or exotic plant and it is VERY strong. I’m very sensitive to scents and I’ve always leaned towards the more fresh, citrus-y scents.

This product is adequate in terms of exfoliating my skin but overall, I would not use this again purely based on the smell. I’ll just stick to my Skinfood Black Sugar Mask.


  • Foil-like packaging helps execute every last bit of product
  • I really don’t have much else to say about this product


  • Smell is way too strong and suffocating

Overall rating: 2/5


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