HAUL #2: Korean Sheet Masks


Hello everyone! I am back again with a Korean sheet masks haul (kind of?). Yesterday was my 19th birthday and I received lots of amazing gifts from my dear friends and family and among these gifts were various sheet masks. I’m a sucker for sheet masks and use them at least every two days so I was quite excited when I received these.

I will show you each individual mask I received and tell you a little about them, however I will not be doing a review as I will be doing one for each in a separate post.


These are the 2 out of 7 sheet masks I received that are from THEFACESHOP. I’ve never tried these before but they look quite interesting. The sheet mask on the left is a hydrating mask and the right one is for brightening.

Intense Moisture MasCream Sheet: “The MasCream Sheet delivers rich moisture to dry and flaky skin with a cream containing hyaluronic acid and elderflower.”

Intense Brightening MasCream Sheet: “The Intense-action MasCream improves dull skin tone with a brightening cream containing black pearl and argan oil.”

THEFACESHOP Bio-Cell Brightening Mask



This is another THEFACESHOP product and it is a brightening face mask. It is said that this mask is formulated with glutathione which sounds interesting to me. I hope it works well!

“This brightening mask features a naturally adhesive bio-cellulose sheet and a hydrating serum containing Glutathione to give you a bright, healthy complexion.”

THEFACESHOP Real Nature Sheet Masks

I have actually tried every type of sheet mask from this line before and I can definitely say that I was fan of these. They all smelled so nicely as well as moisturised and brightened my skin really well. I would definitely recommend trying these.

Real Nature Pomegranate Face Mask: “The elasticity and vitality mask sheet with pomegranate essence, rich in vitamins B1 and B2 and minerals, gives skin moist elasticity and clear vitality. 

Real Nature Aloe Face Mask: “The moisturising and soothing mask sheet with aloe essence hydrates and soothes sensitive skin with rich moisture.”

MEDIHEAL Line Friends Sheet Masks

I’m not entirely sure what each mask’s purposes are as everything is written in Korean. However, I have wanted to try these for a very long time because of the love these get from other beauty lovers. I can’t deny that I also wanted to try these for their packaging. Ugh, why am I such a sucker for cute stuff?!?!

THEFACESHOP Character Mask

Here, we have another line of sheet masks I have wanted to try for a long time. Why? Cute aesthetic. I know, I hate myself. What makes these different are the animal print on the actual mask and I’ve seen a lot of celebrities use these before and I wanted to try it too!

Character Mask – Panda: “The Character mask sheet delivers rich moisture to dry and flaky skin with hyaluronic acid & collagen.)

Character Mask – Puppy: “The brightening character mask makes the dull skin look bright and matte with cotton seed extract.)

I absolutely cannot wait to try all of these and I will be doing a review of each one in the near future so stay tuned!


HAUL #1: Korean Sheet Masks

Recently, I stopped by Chinatown to window shop which led to impulsive purchases. Agh! Why do I do this to myself?! This Korean cosmetic store was having a sale on sheet masks in which 3 boxes, costed AUD$70 all together. I know, I know, the price was a little ridiculous but I have very little self control.


The three boxes of sheet masks I purchased.

The lady at the store recommended these for me and i’m pretty excited to try these out.


Mediheal Vita Lightbeam Essential Mask

The first box I purchased was from a brand called Mediheal which promotes the idea of a home-use concept, where you can have beautiful skin without the need of surgery treatment.

About the product:

  • Designed to give the skin a lighter, shinier and brighter look.
  • Contains vitamin C, y-oryzanol and tocopheryl acetate which are lightening ingredients.
  • Provides intensive care especially to dark and shady areas by controlling formation of melanin to make the skin clearer and brighter.

This is a brand that I have wanted to try for a long time and from the high reviews, I hope this lives up to my expectations.


Dr.Click Aqua Hyaluronic Mask

This is a brand that I am actually not familiar with but I like to experiment with new thngs and the lady at the store told me some pretty good things about this product so I was willing to give it a try.

The mask seemed interesting because of the additional 2 steps it required before the actual application of the mask. It’s the first time i’ve seen a sheet mask like this and I feel excited to try this!


Dr.Plus+ Multi Effect Hydrogel Mask

This is yet another Korean brand that I’m not too familiar with. I’ve actually tried looking this up online and so far, I haven’t been able to find anything on it. This is the first hydrogel mask i’ve ever purchased and i’m really curious to see if it’s any better than the standard cotton mask. Apparently this contains 100% snail slime which provides anti-ageing properties. That sounds very interesting to me and i’m really excited to try it.

Overall, i’m pretty happy with my purchases and I will be doing an individual review on these in the future.