REVIEW: MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation

I received a sample of this foundation from the MAC beauty counter at Myer in the shades NC25 and NC30. I have used this foundation more than 5 times now so I think I know enough about it to do a full review on it.

Disclaimer: Because all I had were samples, I do not have my own images of the product itself. I will be using images I find from Google.



“A foundation that delivers colour in an ultra-fluid, thin, elastic, gel-serum formula.”


As the name suggests, this foundation claims to be a lightweight foundation with a stay-true colour. It blurs imperfections such as pores and fine lines. While it is a water based foundation, it does claim to control oil.


The foundation comes in a frosted glass bottle. Instead of the common pump, the foundation is dispensed through a dropper. I find this packaging very nice and sleek. However, I’ve always preferred a pump on my foundation bottle.


MAC waterweight foundation NC 30 swatch



This foundation, as the name suggests, is very watery and does provide a dewy finish. I myself have always been more in favour of dewy foundations/BB creams. This also comes in a wide range of shades so it’ll be easier for one to find a perfect match.




NC30 is a perfect match for my skin as of now and I’m glad I finally know my MAC shade! It makes the process of purchasing other foundations so much easier.





As you can see above, NC25 is way too pink for my skin and does not match my neck at all.


This foundation is very lightweight so yes it does live up to its title. It has a very sheer finish. It leaves your skin looking dewy, natural, and healthy. It is buildable and does not cake up, but the most coverage you’re going to get is a medium. As for the oil control, I was surprised that for such a watery foundation, this did not make my face look greasy throughout the day. It actually maintained its fresh, dewy look even after sweating.


I actually really like this foundation. As some may know by now, I love dewy foundations and I love how it feels like you’re literally wearing nothing on your face. Due to the very sheer coverage, this foundation is good for those who are blessed with perfect skin. But for those with acne or trouble areas, this foundation would be a waste of your money. Also, if you are looking to get a medium coverage out of this, you need to use ALOT of product which again, is a waste of your money.




  • Feels like you’re wearing nothing
  • Controls oil
  • Gives a natural glow to skin
  • Buildable
  • Wide shade range


  • Highest amount of coverage is only medium
  • Requires ALOT of product to cover the face

Overall rating: 4/5


REVIEW: Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

Hey everyone! I’m back again with another review. I finally finished uni so now I have the time to review more products. Thank god 🙂


Disclaimer: The image above is NOT mine. I just had to use one from the internet as I have already thrown away my old bottle before I had the chance to take any photos of it

This is a foundation that has SO much hype surrounding it so naturally, I was very excited to try this out and I had very, very high expectations of it. This is what Mecca Maxima has to say on this foundation:

A complexion perfecting foundation that provides natural looking medium to full coverage. Oil free, hydrating makeup.

Key claims:

  • Medium to full coverage
  • Oil free
  • Hydrating makeup
  • Enriched with coconut water to replenish skin
  • Gives a naturally radiant looking skin

You can purchase this at Mecca Maxima for $57 AUD for 30ML worth of product.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

Disclaimer: The image above is NOT mine. I just had to use one from the internet as I have already thrown away my old bottle before I had the chance to take any photos of it.

My first encounter with this foundation was actually as a gift given to me by my best friend. Unfortunately, the shade she gave me was many shades lighter than my skin tone. Way too light even for my winter shade. So one day, I decided to pop into Mecca Maxima and request for a tester.

I actually love the samples from Mecca Maxima. Even though the sample pot is tiny, I can still get more than 5 uses out of it.

I was colour matched by a beauty consultant and she matched me with the shade “Nude”. This foundation comes in a whopping 18 shades. Your skin is pretty much guaranteed to find a perfect match!

For reference, my MAC shade is NC30 and Nude is just a tiiiiiny smidge lighter than my skin but it still fits well.



Disclaimer: The image above is NOT mine. I just had to use one from the internet as I have already thrown away my old bottle before I had the chance to take any photos of it.

This foundation comes in a standard frosted glass pump bottle. I think the packaging on this is just beautiful.

Keep in mind, that the packaging is heavy so if you were to travel, i’d recommend transferring some product into a small pot.

Refer to the captions for more information!

The fourth image was taken an hour after the first one and the sun had moved so the lighting in my room had changed.

My final thoughts: I absolutely LOVE this foundation. It certainly lives up to its claims. It really does give my skin a very nice looking glow without getting oily. It doesn’t crease anywhere which I love considering I usually crease in my smile lines. It’s a buildable foundation and the finish isn’t cakey. It’s also lightweight and does not feel heavy on the face.

I wouldn’t say its entirely matte or dewy but it definitely leans more towards the dewy side. I just love how radiant my skin looks when I wear this and I would definitely be open to purchasing a full sized bottle in the future.


  • Makes the skin look glowy and radiant.
  • Doesn’t make the skin oily.
  • No creasing
  • Buildable
  • Lightweight
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Comes with a pump


  • Heavy bottle
  • A little on the pricey side

Overall rating: 5/5! 🙂



REVIEW: Etude House Precious Mineral Beautifying Block Cream – Moist

My parents were recently in South Korea and one of the things I asked her to bring back was Etude House’s famous Precious Mineral Blooming Fit which is something that I have used before. As it turns out, they no longer sell it.

They then explained that the product I am reviewing today is actually their new and updated version of the Precious Mineral Blooming Fit. They even changed the name to ‘ Precious Mineral Beautifying Block Cream’.


Etude House Precious Mineral Beautifying Block Cream – Moist

After receiving this product, the first thing I noticed was the packaging. It’s definitely more simple than the previous version. I’ve inserted the image of the previous version below for those who are curious.


Etude House Precious Mineral Blooming Fit BB Cream

I find the packaging on the new bottle to be simple and honestly, quite cheap looking. It’s now comes in a basic squeeze tube. I wished they kept the pump.

I purchased this for KRW15,000.


Etude House Precious Mineral Beautifying Block Cream – Moist

This BB cream comes in two different formulas. Matte and moist.

This comes in 5 shades:

  1. Beige
  2. Petal
  3. Sand
  4. Tan
  5. Vanilla

I have the shade Tan which is the darkest shade. For reference, my MAC shade is NC30. Tan is a tiny bit lighter than my skin and is a little pink for my yellow skin but it is still an okay match. Nothing a little bronzer can’t fix.


Etude House Precious Mineral Beautifying Block Cream – Moist

“Multi-functional BB cream that protects and clears the skin through beautiful covers and blocking effects”

This BB cream contains SPF50+ PA+++ so it saves you from applying sunscreen separately. However, I sometimes on particular days, I like to apply extra sunscreen underneath.


Etude House Precious Mineral Beautifying Block Cream – Moist

This product has no scent. Again, I am leaning towards the previous version because it had a nice, soft, flowery scent.

After my daily morning skincare routine and priming with Etude House’s Beauty Shot Face Blur primer, I apply this BB cream.


My face after applying Etude House Precious Mineral Beautifying Block Cream – Moist

This BB cream has a dewy finish and leaves a nice glow to the skin which I would not recommend for those with oily skin.

These two images were taken on the same day and time in two different lightings. The second is in natural lighting and you can see that this BB cream is a tiny bit pink but it looks okay. This is also my face with the rest of my makeup finished.

This has light coverage which would work really well for those who naturally have nice and clear skin. It feels lightweight. As the day progresses, the BB cream holds up pretty well. However, it cakes a little around my upper lip. If you sweat, this tends to fade especially around the forehead but it still isn’t too bad. From what I can remember, the formula is very close to the previous version and I don’t notice any difference.


  • Lightweight feeling
  • Leaves a nice glow to the skin
  • Affordable
  • Has a wider shade range as compared to other Korean brands
  • Contains SPF50+


  • Fades a little after sweating
  • Still a limited shade range
  • Cheap looking packaging

Overall rating: 3.5/5

REVIEW: Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

Hello everyone! I FINALLY had the time to do another review which makes me really happy. Uni is actually killing me.

Anyway, today I will be doing a review on Benefit’s famous ‘Roller Lash’ mascara.


Benefit Roller Lash mascara

I purchased this at Myer for $42 AUD because I was on the hunt for a new mascara. Previously, I was using random old mascaras that I had sitting on my makeup desk and I had decided (for health reasons) that I should probably get a new one.


Benefit Roller Lash mascara

I actually love the packaging of this mascara. Pink has always been my favourite colour. Whenever I enter a Benefit stand, I find the whole place so aesthetically pleasing.

The mascara comes in a regular tube with a rubber handle which provides a better grip. The bottom half of the tube is made out of a shiny type of plastic.


Benefit Roller Lash mascara

“It’s a roller for lashes! The eye-opening Hook ‘n’ Roll brush grabs, separates, lifts and curls.”

Key claims:

  • Satin finish
  • Water-resistant & easy to remove
  • Holds for 12 hours
  • Long -lasting curl

This product has won an award for the ‘Beauty Heaven Best Mascara 2016’. Many beauty YouTubers and personal friends love this mascara and are loyal fans. This raised my expectations.


Benefit Roller Lash mascara

This mascara is available in two colours. Black and brown. I have the one in black. I’ve never been a fan of brown mascara.

This product contains provitamin B5 and serin which are known for their lash-conditioning benefits.

The image below are my eyelashes immediately after applying Roller Lash. Yes, I also curled my eyelashes. My natural lashes are quite a long length but face straight down so I always need to use an eyelash curler.


My eyelashes after applying Roller Lash.

Roller Lash lengthens my eyelashes but does not hold the curl which disappointed me a little. I mean, Roller Lash makes my eyelashes look pretty good but I really want something that would hold the the curl. My biggest issue with this mascara is that it smudges! As the day progresses, the mascara slightly smudges under the eye and it annoys me so much.

This mascara does a decent job at lengthening my lashes but overall, I do not see the hype with this mascara considering how much it smudges and the fact that its unable to hold a curl.


  • Lengthens the eyelashes
  • Rubber handle for better grip
  • Comes in two colours
  • Easy to remove
  • Does not clump


  • Smudges under the eye throughout the day
  • Does not hold a curl

Overall rating: 3.5/5

REVIEW: NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

This is a product I have wanted to try for SO long. The amount of hype and high ratings this concealer has was enough for me to run to the closest Mecca Maxima and purchasing one for myself.

This was, and still is, the first and only product I own from Nars. There are many other products by Nars that I definitely want to try in the future but I just thought i’d take baby steps and try their oh-so famous concealer first.


Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

First of all, how frickin beautiful is the packaging though? I love it so much. It’s very simple and sleek which I find very classy. It also contains Nars’ traditional matte finish on the lid which I know a lot of people complain about because it attracts dirt and stains but so far, I have never had a problem with it and still looks brand new to this day.

As mentioned above, I purchased this at Mecca Maxima for $44 AUD. Inside the tube has 6ml worth of product which I know doesn’t sound like a lot to some people. However, I personally don’t go through concealer very quickly as I simply just apply two dots underneath my eyes.


Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

“This iconic concealer has a beautiful, luminous lightweight finish that is a favourite among makeup artists. With skincare benefits that hydrate and light diffusing technology that creates a softer, smoother looking complexion. This concealer diminishes the appearance of fine lines and signs of fatigue making it an essential for everyone to have. Coverage is buildable, long wearing and crease-proof”

This concealer comes in 16 different shades which is great for those who struggle to find a perfect match which is common among drugstore products. I have this concealer in the shade ‘Custard’ which is a yellow tone for light to medium complexion.


Ingredients list

My thoughts on this concealer is very positive. This is now my everyday concealer and I absolutely love it. It covers my dark circles very well and makes me look more awake. However, my most favourite part about this concealer is that it does not crease at all throughout the day. Of course, I still set it with my Rimmel Stay Matte powder. I love that it does not sink into any fine lines which I had a problem with in the last concealer I used. As the name suggests, this concealer is quite creamy and is buildable.


  • Beautiful, classy packaging
  • Lightweight finish
  • Does not crease into any fine lines
  • Buildable coverage
  • Large range of shades


  • Nothing at all

Overall rating: 5/5

REVIEW: M.A.C Matte Lipstick – Taupe

I have quite a good general understanding of M.A.C and the line of products they carry. However when it comes to actual experience? It’s quite limited to just their Prep+Prime Fix+ makeup spray which I have written a review on here.

This is my first time using a lipstick by M.A.C and I was super, super excited to use it. I had very high expectations for their lipsticks due to its popularity and long line of dedicated users.

I purchased this at a Myer department store for $32 AUD, which isn’t exactly the cheapest price for lipsticks but I was willing to spend a little extra for better quality.


M.A.C Matte Lipstick – Taupe












M.A.C lipsticks come in many different shades, totalling up to over 200. They also carry different finishes such as matte, sheen, cream, satin, or even frost. Customers are pretty much given a large range of options.

I myself chose to purchase their matte lipstick because I’ve always been more in favour of matte finishes.


M.A.C Matte Lipstick – Taupe

The shade I have chosen is called Taupe which is a muted reddish-taupe brown. I apologise because I am not the best at describing colours.


M.A.C Matte Lipstick – Taupe

The lipstick is contained in M.A.C’s traditional and classic bullet packaging which I really like. It’s sleek and simple.

For those who are curious, this is what M.A.C has to say on the product:

“Formulated to shade, define and showcase the lips, MAC Lipstick is available in hundreds of hues and high-fashion textures. It’s the iconic product that made MAC famous.”


M.A.C Matte Lipstick – Ingredients list

Right above is the ingredients list which I have inserted for those who are sensitive to certain ingredients and are curious to know what the lipstick contains.

The lipstick contains vanilla which would explain it’s slight vanilla scent.

I just want to say how much I LOVE this lipstick. It’s matte but it’s not drying at all and feels velvety on the lips and applies so smoothly. This has become my go-to everyday lipstick. It’s the perfect nude shade for my skin tone. This however, does require some touch ups after eating but that doesn’t really bother me.

Just a disclaimer, the picture above isn’t always what Taupe looks like on my lips because I occasionally wear a lip balm underneath that already has a tint to it but this does give a general idea of what it looks like.

I now buy into the hype and love this product gets. I highly recommend this!!


  • Not at all drying
  • Applies smoothly
  • Doesn’t sink into fine lines
  • Attractive packaging.


  • Requires touch ups throughout the day
  • On the pricey side

Overall rating: 4.5/5

REVIEW: Lovely Cookie Blusher

Etude House was one of the first few Korean brands that I had discovered when I took an interest in South Korean culture. Their Lovely Cookie Blusher was also one of my first few purchases from them.

I purchased this blush in Japan for ¥500 which is roughly around $5 AUD.


Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher

This blush actually came with a little powder puff which I never used so I disposed of it. I will insert a photo of what the original packaging looks like for those who are curious.

This as one of those makeup items I purchased on a whim and I came into this with no knowledge of it.

This is what Etude House has to say about it:

“A blusher that supplies cheeks with vivid colour for a preppy and gorgeous look. Easy and fun to apply with powder puff.”


Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher

The packaging of this blush is adorable with Etude House’s traditional cute, princess-y aesthetic. The blush is contained in a plastic, dome-like compact which allows the powder puff to sit perfectly inside.

I’m personally not a fan of the powder puff. It fails to dispense a desirable amount of product on my cheeks . It is also not waterproof and easy to clean. Because of this, I apply this blush on the apples of my cheeks with my trusty powder brush from Nude by Nature.


Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher – shades

This blusher comes in eight different shades which mainly consist of baby pink/coral type of shades which I am personally a fan of. I really don’t like certain type of blush colours (e.g. hot pink)

The shade I have is No. 6 Grape Fruit Jelly.


Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher – No.6 Grape Fruit Jelly

The picture above is what the blush looks like. If you’re wondering why there’s a hole, it’s because I poked it with a needle to see how deep it was.

I have had this for 3 years and I have only made a faint dent. This lasts for so long!


Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher

Everything on the back of the packaging is written in Japanese so unfortunately I am unable to provide any further information on what is written.

This blush is not the most pigmented blush out there. It just adds a soft wash of colour on the cheeks. However, it IS buildable. I am not one for very bright and strong blushers and I love to use this blush on days when I want to go fo fresh, dewy look. It is very easy to blend and does not fade throughout the day.


  • The shades are very natural
  • Buildable
  • Cute packaging
  • Very affordable
  • Lasts very long


  • Powder puff is practically useless

Overall rating: 4/5